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Soil & Groundwater Contamination

Today bioremediation is successfully used as soil– and groundwater remediation technology. Many bioremediation systems, both in-situ as ex-situ techniques, usually result in considerable cost savings. Since the beginning of the 1980’s both in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation projects have been successfully completed worldwide through the use of bio stimulation and bioaugmentation.

QM Environmental International supplies a range of microbial, bioactivator, organic substrates and nutrient products for the use in both aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation programs. Most common contaminants ranging from aliphatic hydrocarbons such as petroleum, lubrication oils, aromatic compounds like benzene and toluene to chlorinated solvents can be treated with these products.

The following products are available:

Product Contaminants


BAC range


Petroleum hydrocarbons

(diesel, heating oil,  petrol fuels, MTBE, BTEX, creosote, PAH’s, PCP, Vinyl Chloride, 1,4-dioxane,…)

Product Contaminants

EOS 100, Pro, QR



Chlorinated solvents, Ethenes


Ethane’s (Trichloroethane);

Methane’s (Tetrachloromethane);

Perchlorate (ClO4); Chromate (CrO4 2-); Explosives (TNT, RDX, HMX); Nitrates; Radionuclides (TcO4- , UO22+); Acid mine drainage

BAC -range

Microbial consortium of Dehalococcoides mccartyi (DHC) and other dechlorinators enriched to degrade a variety of chlorinated solvents and other compounds.

Additives for Aquifer adjustment
Product Contaminants


Safe, easy-to-use, long-lasting colloidal buffer

Use alone or with any EOS® emulsified oil.

At QM Environmental International, we’re focused on producing results, not just selling product. We work with consultants and remediation contractors during the design and implementation of the bioremediation process to make sure our products reach their full potential when applied. 

QM Environmental International and EOS Remediation can help you evaluate the feasibility of using our technologies at your site. Simply complete the appropriate site evaluation form and return to us electronically:

Or use the online design tool on the website of EOS Remediation.

    More then a product

    As a result, MicroCat and EOS bioaugmentation and biostimulation enables contaminated site owners to achieve:

    • Consistent, more stable biodegradation rates
    • Reduced remediation costs and environmental liability
    • Achieving site cleanup targets

    Whether applied as part of a routine maintenance plan or in an emergency, MicroCat and EOS bioaugmentation and biostimulation formulations can help remediate contaminated industrial, commercial and residential sites.

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